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Pentagon City Apartments

How to Ensure Your Lodging Option Is What You Expect

Have you ever found a lovely looking lodging option with a familiar name, skimmed the top two reviews and made you reservation with little more thought? Have you ever arrived ready to take a dip in their hot tub or collapse on the bed, only for the hot tub to be out of order and in an ironic turn of events, the bed collapses on you? You’re not alone. A quick skim through a forum for bad lodging experiences would leave you in the company of thousands who hastily booked a room only to spend the night in their cars.

Travel with Ease

Crystal Quarters Corporate Housing is the number one option for flexible business traveling. We always take into account the hassles of travel and strive to provide a quality service that allows you to walk into your apartment and take a deep breath of relief. Check out these three tips to make your trip a little easier.


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