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How to Ensure Your Lodging Option Is What You Expect

Have you ever found a lovely looking lodging option with a familiar name, skimmed the top two reviews and made you reservation with little more thought? Have you ever arrived ready to take a dip in their hot tub or collapse on the bed, only for the hot tub to be out of order and in an ironic turn of events, the bed collapses on you? You’re not alone. A quick skim through a forum for bad lodging experiences would leave you in the company of thousands who hastily booked a room only to spend the night in their cars.
While a familiar name can make you feel comfortable with your choices, there are some precautions that should always be made before committing and securing a reservation.

Check the location

The description states “Right in the center of Downtown!” and while that can be an ideal location, it may not be the actual location of the property. If you are looking to stay in a precise area or close to a specific attraction, be sure to find the building’s address and do a quick google maps search to ensure that the building is where it says that it is. This would be a good time to quickly scan the different dining options and other attractions in the vicinity that may interest you.

Don't Skip Reading the Reviews

A picture is worth a thousand words, but reviews are worth much more. There are always tips and tricks that can be done to photos to make a place look better than it is, things are not always what they seem. To ensure that you are getting what you are expecting, take note of the reviews. If the good outweighs the bad, then you’re in the clear but be mindful that what may not be a deal breaker for someone else, could be a deal breaker for you. Pay close attention to the words and not so much the stars.


Parking is rarely free, especially in a city setting. Before you get towed or billed with an amount that wasn't calculated into your budget, be sure to explain in advance when making a reservation that you will need parking.

Never be Afraid to Call

If you’re still unsure if your choice is the right one, never be afraid to give the lodging provider a call to their office. Ask any questions you can think of, even if you have to write out a list first. Crystal Quarters Corporate Housing is open Monday-Friday from 9AM – 5PM to answer any questions you may have because your confidence in us is our number one priority. When you stay with us we work hard to exceed your expectations and the only surprises you'll encounter are positive ones.