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Rewards Policies and Procedures

How do I receive my Rewards Club Points?

We must receive your request to redeem the Club Points. This request must be either by placing your request via our online form or via an E-mail to our Guest Services Manager at guestservices@crystalquarters.com

What are the Rewards Club Policies and Procedures?

  • A minimum of 50 Rewards Club Points must be accumulated to become a member of the Rewards Club.
  • Only Rewards Club members may redeem their Rewards Club Points.
  • Rewards Club Points must be redeemed in the calendar year they are accumulated.
  • Rewards Club Points do not roll over to the next year.
  • A maximum of 100 Rewards Club Points can be accumulated in one calendar year.
  • Reservations made through corporate offices, travel agencies and GSA contracts are not eligible for Rewards Club Points or Rewards Club membership.