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Travel with Ease

Crystal Quarters Corporate Housing is the number one option for flexible business traveling. We always take into account the hassles of travel and strive to provide a quality service that allows you to walk into your apartment and take a deep breath of relief. Check out these three tips to make your trip a little easier.

Make an Itinerary
Business travel isn’t typically the most leisurely activity, you’ve got a lot to get done. Draft up an itinerary to ensure your priorities are taken care of first. While you’re staying in DC you are sure to find a lot of new and exciting places to check out, it can be hard to stay on track if you don’t plan it into your trip. Figure out where you want your trip to start and where you want it to end. Definitely leave some room for spontaneous outings or time consuming hiccups.
Book Ahead
Planning ahead is a prime example of smart traveling. Booking your flights and lodging options weeks ahead of your trips is a tactic used by smart travelers all over the world. While you may not know about your business trip until a week or even a couple days before, don’t wait until the last minute unless you absolutely have to. This can save your money and your hair from falling out.
Do Your Research
Read the Google and Yelp reviews. Read the travel blogs and at least glance at the maps. While GPS is a wonderful invention, looking at a map can tell you a lot about the area around you. Historical buildings, great places to eat and museums can be pinpointed and targeted. Cities like DC usually have location area related apps as well. Download some apps that will help you get around and discover new things.

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