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Crystal Quarters Corporate Housing – Your Best Choice for Location

The Washington DC area that surrounds Crystal Quarters Corporate Housing is a destination full of world-class defense contracting companies, important government agencies, and bases and offices for all branches of the military.

Crystal Quarters Corporate Housing offers you a fully-furnished apartment accommodation that in many ways towers over the conventional hotel, and is in the heart of the government job center. We have decades of experience in the furnished apartment business and an unrivaled dedication to quality.

Planning a trip to the Washington DC area to enjoy the National Cherry Blossom Festival?

The nation’s Capital has many great festivals throughout the year, but the greatest of all is the National Cherry Blossom Festival. This year marks 101 seasons of the beautiful blossoms gracing the waterfront Tidal Basin area of Washington DC. Back in 1912, the Japanese gifted 3020 cherry trees to the District and many of them still remain. Officially the festival runs from March 20 through April 17, providing plenty of opportunity to travel to Washington and enjoy the beauty and natural splendor of the famous cherry blossoms.

Best Places To Have a Date in Washington, D.C.

While we may be no closer to ironing out a blueprint for the perfect date every time, the collective reports and write-ups of thousands have certainly narrowed down a few venues and ideas. Remember – there’s a fine line between the sublime and cliché/corny, so if looking to avoid either of the latter and make it a date you don’t want to forget, give the following gems a try: