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Does Traveling Get You Down?

While some people may enjoy 8 hour flights, I refuse to believe those people exist. Here are some tips to make your travels a little less trying.

Plan your routes
Knowing where you’re going is a big part of your travel experience. You may think to yourself, “I’ll ask around when I get there.” Then you’re running around after you arrive at your destination, looking for a quick bite after your flight or a new shirt to replace the one the passenger next to your spilled their in-flight-meal onto, let’s face it- it’s stressful. You’re going to have wished you figured this all out before.

Be prepared
Flights are stressful in themselves. You should plan ahead and download plenty of entertainment on your iPad or Nook tablet. Pro tip: bring some headphones to drown out the passenger behind you complaining that their pillow isn’t fluffy enough or the one six rows back screaming over the engine noise. You should always keep the weather in mind when you pack, figure out whether or not you’ll need to bring an extra sweater or raincoat.

Book your flights early
Booking your flights early can save you a lot of money, especially if you’re flying through peak season. Always search around for the best deals months in advance so you can get the most out of your flight. 54 days in advance is usually when airlines sell their tickets at the cheapest price.

Use Corporate Housing
When you use corporate housing there is no reason to bring your whole house with you. We are fully furnished just like a hotel, but you have your very own kitchen, bedroom and living room all to yourself. You get to experience life as a local living in your very own apartment. Travel light with nothing but a carry on and enjoy life as it should be, simple.