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Rewards Program

Welcome To Our CQ Rewards Club

Offering more than a furnished room like even the best luxury hotels, Crystal Quarters Corporate Housing rewards the frequent traveler far beyond our immediate goal of providing the best in short-term leases, long-term corporate housing options and comfortable fully-furnished apartments. Our management and staff are constantly working to improve and/or exceed our clients' expectations and with this in mind, we have created our own unique Rewards Club. The rewards will be awarded with points and our clients can start accumulating points from their first day of their stay.

How Do I Join The CQ Rewards Club?

For every night you stay with Crystal Quarters Corporate Housing you receive a Rewards Club Point. Once you accumulate 50 Rewards Club Points (whether in multiple short-term stays or one long-term stay) you are automatically enrolled as a member of the Rewards Club.

How Will The Points Be Awarded?

Every time you stay with us at any of the properties (4 night min.) you will earn points that you will be able to redeem for gift certificates/cards from businesses/vendors where gift cards/certificates are available (See More) and to use at any time and any of their location in the United States. You are also welcome to suggest a business/vendor to be added to our list. Upon prior approval from our office, you may be able to submit your request to redeem your points from a vendor/business NOT on our list.

We have made it very simple for you to redeem the CQ Reward Club Points. Just visit our website and fill out the "Redeem Points" Request Form to redeem either part or all your accumulated points. Once you have successfully placed your request, we will send you via first class mail (to your last U.S. mailing address we have on file) or via E-mail a certificate or card from the vendor/business you have chosen the amount of CQ Reward points to be redeemed. The certificate or gift card will be processed and mailed within six to eight (6-8) weeks.

Please note that some vendors/businesses do not allow for customized amounts and they have amounts preset for their gift cards/certificates. In some cases, you may receive more than one card/certificate if there is a limit amount for each card imposed by the business/vendor you have selected.

With this unique rewards club you can enjoy dining at a fine restaurant, do home improvement, or simply do some shopping throughout the United States.

Please do not hesitate to call our office at 1-800-332-8501 and speak to our guest services manager if you have any questions or need additional information about our CQ Rewards Club.