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The Key to Capital BikeShare

Capital Bikeshare is a bikesharing program with 3000 bicycles and more than 400 stations in the Washington DC Metro area. Whether you have somewhere to be or you need to spend some time being active, the bikes are accessible to all DC residents and visitors.
When you rent a bike you simply return it to any of the 440 stations across the city. You may pay per trip, get a 24 hour pass or sign up for an annual membership. To get the most out of your Bikeshare experience remember to follow these major keys.

1. Utilize your SmartPhone

Capital Bikeshare offers an app with real time programming that tracks where each docking station in the city is. The app also has an essential display of how many bikes are at the docking station, that way you’re never wasting your time walking to a bike that isn’t there.

2. Map it Out

The Department of Transportation offers this map that allows bikers to see where they can and cannot go. While DC is accommodating of bicyclist, there are some roads that a rider would want to avoid. Check the map to make sure your rout it biker friendly.

3. Dock Every 30 Minutes

Bikes are rented out in 30 minute increments, which means if you don’t dock your bike within 30 minutes you may be charged an additional fee, even when you’ve purchased a 24 hour pass. *Note that if the green light on the docking station does not turn on, the station has not recognized the bike and you could still be charged. Make sure to never walk away from the bike until the light switches on to avoid any fees.

When you stay with Crystal Quarter Corporate Housing Capital Bikeshare is just a few steps away. The bikesharing program is a fantastic way to sight-see and get from point A to point B. Happy riding!