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Three Key Tips to being Productive in the New Year


How you spend your time is a key strategy in how your future will look. The challenge is execution.

They say every minute you spend planning saves you ten minutes in implementation. Plan your outfit the night before, prep your breakfast, or come up with a daily ritual that works for you. Write a “To Do” List and use it as a map of your week.

Prioritizing goes hand in hand with “Planning." Even though we may plan out our week down to the second, new things always seem to pop up. Prioritize your “To Do” list to accomplish your most important tasks first, and be prepared for new tasks that may pop up in the near future.

Not every day is going to go exactly how you wanted it to go. Take five minutes out of your day and reflect on what went wrong, or what went right. How can you fix it? Can you do it again? Did you rush? How can you plan to take your time accomplishing your tasks?

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