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Corporate Housing and Employee Productivity

A comfortable work environment makes for happy employees. Happy employees, makes for high productivity levels. While hotels can be convenient for shorter business stays, employees often prefer to be provided with the comfort of home when traveling for weeks or months at a time. Permanent amenities such as kitchens with a stove, oven, microwave and dishwasher aren’t offered at extended stay hotels. They don’t provide the luxury of waking up in the morning to whip up an omelet breakfast on the stove. Office employees are often forced to spend even more money when they aren’t staying in an apartment because they find themselves eating out frequently. They’re finding that they’re skipping both lunch and breakfast, going hungry throughout the day to save time and money. When you’re staying with Crystal Quarters Corporate Housing every one of our apartments comes with a fully functional kitchen. You can whip up a power breakfast and pack your lunch so you don’t have to worry about that 1 PM kick of hunger that diminishes your productivity.

Finding an apartment for a short business stay can pose as an even bigger feasible challenge. Most required leases are between 6 months and 2 years long. Then after that paperwork there’s an even larger headache of gaining access to utilities. With corporate housing, there’s no lease and you can stay with nothing but a suitcase. Everything else is provided by us! Working long hours into the night is also a symptom of business-travel. Short stays require double the hours to make up for your time away. Being able to work from the comfort of your very own living room at your very own work desk is a priceless luxury. Turn up your favorite music, and power through that late night ‘at the office’ within the privacy of your home. As you go deeper into the night and near the end of your work pack up your laptop and take a few steps to your bed readily waiting for you.

With corporate housing, there’s no lease and you can stay with nothing but a suitcase. Everything else is provided by us!

Crystal Quarters Corporate Housing is the perfect mix of all the amenities of an apartment with the convenience of a hotel stay. We strive to make the comfortability of our guests our number one priority because we know how important your job is. Stay with us and get to working comfortably!