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Best Places To Have a Date in Washington, D.C.

Sunday, February 26, 2017 - 09:30

While we may be no closer to ironing out a blueprint for the perfect date every time, the collective reports and write-ups of thousands have certainly narrowed down a few venues and ideas. Remember – there’s a fine line between the sublime and cliché/corny, so if looking to avoid either of the latter and make it a date you don’t want to forget, give the following gems a try:

Tryst – A welcome exception to some of the more pretentious and posh hangouts, Tryst is the ideal place to go for a date if you’re looking for a casual and relaxed vibe. Or trying to persuade your partner that you’re a bit of an intellectual. Or if hoping to prove you’re not an alcoholic. This is a really great place to go for lazy coffees and a bit of people-watching, though be careful with your timing as weekends are absolutely slammed and you’ll end up standing, perhaps slightly deafened. A great place for getting to know someone a little better, while having a good giggle at the wannabe academics at the neighboring tables.

The Old Brogue – If looking to kick things up a notch, there’s a distinct sense of old-world fun and romance that only the Irish can bring to the table. A such, the Old Brogue Irish Pub is a haven for fireside coziness, long talks into the night, excellent food and some of the liveliest music you’ll find this side of the pond.

Tidal Basin – A dead-cert for romance if ever there was one, what could be simpler or more charming than a long walk on a perfectly stunning day? Weather permitting, a wonderful stroll around the Tidal Basin with its achingly gorgeous Cherry Blossoms can be topped off with a romantic paddle around the lake in a rental boat – sublime!

Cookery – The world is going through a renewed love affair with food at the moment and cooking classes/experiences are fast becoming THE dates of choice for millions. What’s more, classes on available all year-round and make the very best of whatever the season brings to the table. One of the best in the region is CulinAerie, where the fall and winter months bring introductions to hearty fare and the cooking techniques needed to whip up a three-course feast. And of course, sparks are 100% guaranteed.

L2 Lounge – Last but not least, there are few better places to head for a night-cap or a simple after-dinner cocktail than the L2 Lounge, assuming you’re in the Georgetown Area. This is one of the few places that can guarantee a wonderfully laid-back and relaxed ambience, which might be just what you’re looking for after a long day of romance – or the stress of a first date. And as an added bonus, the whole place is lit by candlelight only, so if you’re looking for a nice dark corner to conduct your business in a private manner, L2 is the place to be.

Of course, the only thing better than any of the above date-nights is turning the meeting into a date weekend. The corporate apartments by Crystal Quarters offer some of most compelling twilight views over the city and are guaranteed to take any date to the next level.