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Top 5 Apps for Business Trips

Unfamiliar cities can seem a little bit daunting. We've got you covered with these top 5 apps that will make your travels go smoother.

Expensify This app is an easy way of keeping an expense report. Espensify includes a feature called SmartScan which photographs a receipt and has it read by a computer to automatically generate as an expense. The app tracks travel mileage and includes an automatic currency conversion feature.

BizAirlines Another app designed with the business traveler in mind. This app considers important factors to improve efficiency and productivity for your flight like line wait times and Wi-Fi access. “We are a business travel booking solution, delivering the most cost effective way for executives to fly the main global air shuttles.”

Google Drive Google Drive makes collaboration and review with your team possible anywhere you are. Share documents, track progress and view or edit your content calendar all in one place.

Uber and Lyft Anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock has heard of Uber and Lyft. If you’re not planning to bring your car with you on your business trip, these apps can be essential to get around. Download the app, enter your destination and your pick up location and have a driver at the touch of a button.

DUFL Packing and lugging suitcases around is tedious even if you’re only planning a short term stay. Pack some of your clothes that you frequently wear on business trips into your DUFL suitcase and DUFL will store your outfits in a virtual closet. When you’re ready to go on a trip, select the clothes you’d like to take out of your DUFL virtual closet and enter your destination and arrival date. Your DUFL will be waiting for you.

Crystal Quarters Corporate Housing knows that a business traveler is always mobile. That's why we've collaborated with our team to bring you a mobile friendly version of our website that you can use to book your reservations in the Washington D.C. metro area from wherever the road takes you!