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Arts Abound

The Crystal City Business Improvement District (BID) made it their mission along with Arlington Artists Alliance (AAA) to bring art and color to Crystal City. Not just to add the aesthetically pleasing vibrant glow, but to set a higher standard of living. Art makes people happy. And living in Crystal City, art is everywhere.

With a name like Crystal City it’s no wonder why the walls are filled with colorful works of art. When I think of Crystals I think of prisms of light, beautiful colors reflecting from it. The walls here aren’t just boring, bare, and grey.. They’re blue, they’re green, orange, yellow, and purple… It’s incredibly refreshing to step out of the office and take it all in on your walk to grab a bite for lunch.

Mural23 is over 400 feet long spanning from 23rd street to Crystal Dr. Just a few blocks over from The Concord! The textures and patterns bring a tasteful scene to our everyday life. Mural23 has already earned a prominent place in social media. Taking photos with or of street art is kind of the thing to do nowadays. Two of the artists responsible for the gorgeous photo worthy mural include Mas Paz and Cita Sadeli (also known as CHELOVE).

CHELOVE is a Brooklyn/DC based artist whose Instagram bio reads “Cita Sadeli CHELOVE art director • muralist • designer former Co-Founder Protein Media” her Instagram is full of wild and creative art projects that are stunningly beautiful. They are definitely worth taking a moment of your day to scroll through and admire.

Mas Paz, whose name means More Peace spreads a message of just that. More Peace. A message we can all surely get behind. He is a Colombian native raised in DC by an adopted American family. His Instagram bio reads “MasPaz peace through art ✌ supporting community art & an orphanage in Colombia” and it is filled with images of his movement and art.

No matter where you come from, or what you’re background is, when you stay with Crystal Quarters Corporate Housing in Crystal City, the most important thing is that you are here, now. So take a moment from your work day to stand in front of some art and take it all in.